Mandi Bahauddin: Unhealthy old meat recovered from butcher’s house

Mandi Bahauddin: Unhealthy old meat recovered from butcher’s house

Mandi Bahauddin (MBDN News 28 December 2020) Rana Shamshad Hussain said that on the instructions of the District Jail Superintendent, a private man Javed son of Yaqub Qureshi Qassai was arrested inside the walls of the jail in the northeast corner of the district jail Mandi Bahauddin, The place had been illegally occupied for a period of 20 years and the case was pending in the Sessions Judge’s Court, which ruled on December 17, 2020 in favor of the prison administration. Javed and others were fined Rs 10,000 for presenting fake property papers in court.

Following this decision, Anti-Encroachment Authority, Tehsildar Mandi Bahauddin Muzammil Mahmood, Assistant Commissioner Mandi Bahauddin Malik Kashif Nawaz, SHO Police Station City, along with Lady Police and Jail Administration jointly relinquished possession of the state land on the order of the court. A room on the spot was opened and several days old meat was found inside in wooden boxes. Fake seals and stamp pads were also recovered from the unhealthy meat.

The meat was inspected by District Food Authority Officers, AC, Superintendent Slaughter House, Veterinary Officer Dr. Rizwan on the spot and declared as substandard which was destroyed by the Food Authority. Rana Shamshad Hussain said that regarding unhealthy meat. The occupiers are of the view that they had to supply the meat in the marriage order.

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