Mandi Bahauddin: Bodies of 2 persons found in 1 day

Mandi Bahauddin: Bodies of 2 persons found in 1 day

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The bodies of two unidentified persons were found from Rasool Power House Mandi Bahauddin. The body of an unknown woman was found yesterday and its identity is still being ascertained. Being done right now.

Mandi Bahauddin (MBDN News 11 March 2021) According to the details, an unidentified corpse is about 35/36 years old, disfigured face, short beard, black beard, black jersey, khaki shirt and gray trousers found from Rasool Power House Rasul, it is requested all to help him to search their parents so that his dead body can be conveyed to the heirs.

The body of an unidentified woman, aged around 24/25, was found near Rasool Chowki Power House. Please help all the friends to find it so that it can be handed over to the heirs.

Please contact to these numbers 03436106869 (SHO Sadar) 03007743171 (M. Latif SI) 03006430064 (Nazim Ali Shah PRO Branch) 0546501628 (PS Sadar) Thana Sadr Mandi Bahauddin.

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