Honda Increased Bike Prices. See new rates in Pakistan

Honda Increased Bike Prices. See new rates in Pakistan

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Taking its turn after Yamaha, Honda Atlas has also increased its bike prices up to Rs6,500. As per Honda dealers, the new prices will be implemented from October 1st, 2021. And here are the new Honda bike prices.

New Honda Bike Prices

The company’s most famous Honda CD70 saw an increase of Rs 4,000 from its old rate of Rs86,900, and now it will cost Rs90,900. Then comes CD-70 Dream, also has seen an increase of Rs 4,000 and now it will cost Rs97,500 compared to its old rate of Rs93,500.

The price of Honda Pridor has been hiked by Rs 5,000, taking its rate to Rs125,500 from Rs120,500. The second most famous bike of the company, Honda CG-125, will now cost Rs147,500 against its old rate of Rs142,500 after seeing a jump of Rs 5,000.

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The company increased the price of Honda CG-125 SE by Rs 6,500, taking its rate to Rs. 177,000 from the previous price of Rs. 170,500. The next bike is Honda CB-125F, which also saw an increase of Rs. 6,500 and now it is going to cost Rs. 212,000 against the old price of Rs. 205,500. The price of Honda CB-150F has also seen a jump of Rs. 6,500 as its new price is Rs. 267,000 against its rate of Rs. 260,500. 

And lastly, the price of Honda CB 15F SE saw an increase of Rs. 6,500, and now it is going to cost a whopping Rs. 271,000 compared to the previous rate of Rs. 264,500.

Honda bike prices in pakistan 2021

Repeated Price Hikes

This is the second price increase by the company in the last two months. Both Honda and Yamaha have been increasing their bike prices for the last many months repeatedly. Both companies have not presented any reason for these hikes. Although the government has not announced any benefits for bikes, unlike cars, we still think it is not justified that these two leading bike companies are increasing the prices, again and again.

What do you think about these repeating price increases? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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